Ongoing Development
For Railroad Contractors


Employees Are Your Most Valuable Asset

At Traxx, we believe that that every accident or injury is preventable. We know that the only way to achieve this standard is through a solid training foundation. Our knowledge and passion are passed down to those we train, teaching them to operate safely and with maximum efficiency, keeping your projects and the railroad moving. Partnering with Traxx is an investment in your companies two most valuable assets, your employees and income. Taking the steps to set your company apart will ensure your businesses ability to thrive long after the competitors have fizzled out.

On Site Training!

We understand your company has been approved by a Class 1 railroad to provide your own On-track safety. Once your employees have completed the Maintenance Way Operating Rules requirements, additional field training may be needed. With that said, many companies are still paying massive amounts of money to “flagging” companies or attempting to do it on their own, with minimal field training, and creating a potentially deadly scenario. Traxx wants to help you alleviate the risk and come to your site to train you how to provide your own On-track safety, ensuring your companies continued success in this new area of business. Your business can continue to prosper while your employees are learning in the perfect training environment, the railroad!

Aspects of Traxx Training

Traxx will instruct you, in the field, to learn how to confidently be proficient in the following tasks:
  • Dispatcher/Employee Communication
  • Track Warrant
  • Visual Detection of Trains
  • Various Methods of On- Track Safety
  • Proper Radio Procedures
  • Form B
  • Track and Time
  • VDT – Lone Worker / Lookout
  • Track Permits
  • Proper Paperwork and Documentation
  • Track Type Identification
  • Foul Time

We’d Love To Work Together!

Traxx would love to help train your EIC Contractors. Reach out to us and request a quote today.