Bridging the Gap Between
Railroads and Contractors


Safety & Productivity, Our #1 Priority

Traxx has a rich background within Railroad Field Services. We understand that Railroad companies and contractors alike share a priority of safety for all on-site individuals and one of achieving productivity to meet the job’s intense demands in a timely manner. As a company, we too are committed to safety and productivity; it’s our number one priority!

From the railroad’s perspective, Traxx seeks to ensure their railroad is provided with safe and accurate work from contractors. Eliminating revenue disruptions when contractors are working on railroad property is critical.

From the contractor’s perspective, Traxx seeks to offer crews an opportunity to work efficiently, but in a safe environment. We ensure individuals and their equipment are not being struck by trains or on-track equipment, and that trains and on-track equipment are not being struck by individuals and their equipment. This minimizes negative impacts to a contractor’s workforce and bottom line.

We believe in creating winning scenarios for both parties therefore bridging the gap and keeping us all “On Track for a Brighter, Safer Railroad.”

Flagging / R.W.I.C.

Traxx’s R.W.I.C.’s (Flagmen) are top tier industry professionals. We never look to just fill openings, we select our staff based incredible work ethic, ethical standards, and high competence. We have hand selected what we believe to be the most qualified flagmen in the industry.

Our R.W.I.C.’s work tirelessly to find solutions through difficult on-site scenarios and situations. Our flagging professionals stay engaged throughout the duration of the project and strive to stay ahead of any delays to ensure contractors—who may or may not be familiar with the railroad requirements and operating procedures—will not be surprised or caught off guard.

We work together with contractors to keep the project on track while continually working to minimize the footprint on the railroad.

Our team’s capabilities include all levels of On-Track Safety for controlled and non-controlled tracks alike.

Utility Inspection Coordination

Traxx’s Utility Inspection & Coordination (U.I.C.) program is staffed by individuals who are highly knowledgeable in construction, safety, and compliance.

When you have a Traxx U.I.C. on your project, you can rest assured that the project is being performed accurately according to the permits, and safely according to rules.

This approach benefits contractors and railroads alike. We aim to find helpful solutions for contractors while being the eyes and ears of the railroad companies in the field. We believe this ultimately leads to a reduced workload on local railroad manpower.


Aspects of Traxx Training

Traxx will instruct you, in the field, to learn how to confidently be proficient in the following tasks:
  • Dispatcher/Employee Communication
  • Track Warrant
  • Visual Detection of Trains
  • Various Methods of On- Track Safety
  • Proper Radio Procedures
  • Form B
  • Track and Time
  • VDT – Lone Worker / Lookout
  • Track Permits
  • Proper Paperwork and Documentation
  • Track Type Identification
  • Foul Time

We’d Love To Work Together!

Traxx would love to help train your EIC Contractors. Reach out to us and request a quote today.